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A Moment in Time: Must See TV
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A Moment in Time: Must See TV

February 21, 2017

Friends and family February 7, 2017. Beverly Wilshire. Hundreds of industry movers and shakers gathered together to enjoy a moment in time, the Must See TV of 90s NBC. The stage played host to reunited family members Warren Littlefield, Kevin Reilly, John Landgraf, David Nevins, Karey Burke, Robin Schwartz and Preston Beckman, who engaged in […]

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In the Digital World, Not Everything That Can Be Measured Matters

How to Distinguish “Valuable” from “Nice to Know” Among Measures of Consumer Engagement Written By Gian M. Fulgoni comScore, Inc. INTRODUCTION In 2006, the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) provided one of the first marketing-focused definitions of “engagement” as “turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context.”1 The phrase “turning on” would appear to encompass any communication […]

Building A New Measurement Model…

Editor:  On April 12, 2016, HRTS presented an in-depth look into the world of measurement and ratings.  Panelists included Gian Fulgoni, Co-Founder and Chairman of comScore, Inc;  Preston Beckman, media consultant and former network research head at Fox and NBC;  Julie Piepenkotter, EVP of Research at FX Networks and Eric Solomon, SVP, Product Leadership at […]

The Hidden Costs of Airing Bad Ads – Why TV Networks need to care about ad quality

Advertising has always been the backbone of the television business model, enabling networks to deliver great programming for free and providing high value to viewers and advertisers alike. With all the digital options, television still remains the most powerful medium for brands to tell their story. But historically, Networks have not scrutinized the quality of […]

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