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When it Rains It Pours…(0)

February 21, 2017

Ok.  So maybe I am a bit distracted with the biblical rains and flooding we’ve endured for the last couple of months.  I can’t say I don’t appreciate the fact that my lawn is rediscovering its long-forgotten shade of green but enough already, I’m ready for Spring! Winter is that time of year here in […]

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HRTS Launches New Associate Membership, Digital Series

Hi to all of our HRTS Members and Member Companies!  It’s fall and there’s so many exciting things happening within our organization.  Read on for the highlights! Associate Level Membership HRTS has officially launched the the new Associate Membership… created to fill the organizational void that exists between our early career JHRTS members and the traditionally […]

More Information…More Depth…Just…More!

Hello fellow HRTS members.  It’s been a while!   And with an absence like this I’d normally have a couple of thousand words to entertain you with but this post will be different.  Short…and sweet.  Why?  Because this is the beginning of a new era for this members blog.  Going forward,  we’ve drafted a number of people […]

Welcome Back Everyone…

So did summer seem to fly by a little faster this year? What ever happened to the three month break we enjoyed as kids? Out in June…Back in September? Beach time, vacations, long lazy days to chill and recharge? What’s that you say? We’re not kids anymore? Oh well… At least I still feel like […]

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Since 1947 the HRTS has been the entertainment industry's premier information and networking forum. HRTS events are the only place where leading executives from across the industry gather under one roof, multiple times a year to discuss issues relevant to the ongoing success of our business. HRTS Members and our industry partners represent the best and the brightest in town. Is your company ready to join the ranks of HRTS? There are many ways for individuals and companies to get more involved. To find out how, call (818) 789-1182 or email

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