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Membership Success Story: JHRTS-NY Job Board

The JHRTS-NY Careers Facebook group serves hundreds of current JHRTS-NY members with postings and referrals of open positions at the assistant and coordinator level. This highly-active, members-only group is a premier benefit of becoming a JHRTS-NY member and indicative of the supportive community found among JHRTS members. Open job positions frequently include placements at competitive top-tier entertainment companies, such as studios and agencies. The group provides ample opportunities for members to seek out new and exciting jobs on a daily basis.

Here are the stories of two JHRTS-NY members who secured positions via the JHRTS-NY job board:

David Miller – “I had been looking for a job in the entertainment industry all summer to no avail. After tirelessly checking job boards, industry-specific sites and company career portals, I just wasn't quite able to land anything. Then, one day, someone handed me a flyer for JHRTS and I thought why not? Through the help of the Jobs Board a few amazing and generous individuals in the organization, I landed a job at an amazing company within a month of joining JHRTS. I am still a new member, but I can confidently say that without their help and support I wouldn't have found such a great opportunity.”

Amaka Ekeocha – “As I started my search for a new job I decided to look at the job postings on the members only JHRTS-NY Careers Facebook page. It was there that I spotted two job postings that were of interest to me and fell in line with what I wanted to move towards. I sent my resume to the two different members who posted the jobs and the response time was practically lightning fast. Two days after submitting my resume for the positions I heard back from both within the same week. Interviews were set up and then second interviews were set up. I finally was offered a position and it seemed like the whole process occurred in the span of two weeks. I’m now settled in my new job and appreciate the help that JHRTS-NY provided. I don’t know how successful I would’ve been without the support of my fellow JHRTS. Finding a network like this reminds me that there are so many people starting out in this business and an organization like JHRTS, comprised of future executives and creatives, is an important community to join.”

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