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Springtime Thoughts…

May 2017... This makes it officially 14 springs I’ve experienced since becoming the Executive Director of this great organization. May is usually pretty quiet for us. I usually look at late spring through the prism of sunshine, pilot season wrapping, the upfronts and then a much needed Memorial Day getaway before we dive into summer and planning for the coming year. But this year, aside from a bout of anxiety regarding what could have been a disastrous work stoppage, springtime came roaring at us, albeit in a good way. Even though we’re crazy busy… all I have to say Spring 2017 is rounding out quite nicely for HRTS!

IMG_9991HRTS membership is at an all-time high, evolving and expanding into several new, exciting membership segments reflecting the ever-changing and diverse industry landscape HRTS occupies. This includes a new New York City based Associate membership group, led by NY Associates Co-Presidents Eden Sutley (truTV) and Max Ulanoff (Don Buchwald and Assoc.) We launched our new membership in New York with a freewheeling Q&A with FX’s Eric Schrier. If the first event is any indication, our NY Associates membership should soon rival their slightly older LA siblings in member growth and in compelling events and activities geared towards the mid-level, rising executive ranks. Game on!

Additionally, here in LA we launched our new Unscripted Content Group. Born from the merger of HRTS and the Unscripted Content Association, a group of media legal professionals and focused on the non-scripted space, this new member segment will be producing and presenting programs specifically 20170418_191217targeted at the ever very important non-scripted segment of our business. Industry legal professionals take note: each UCG panel event will be eligible for required MCLE credits! Our first UCG dinner was held at Lawry’s The Prime Rib on April 18 and was a resounding success. A full house welcomed a panel consisting of CNN’s Lizzie Kerner, WME’s David Sherman, Machete Productions’ Amber Mazzola, and All3 Media’s Jennifer Thomas deep diving into Producing Non-Scripted for News Networks. Thank you HRTS Board Member Scott Hervey for your tremendous efforts pulling this together.

And our April Spotlight Breakfast series featuring Audience Network’s Chris Long and IMG_0087-04-23-17-chyna photographyactor/writer/producer Vince Vaughn was a great success. Again, a full house joined us at the Beverly Hilton on April 24 for breakfast and conversation on the exciting original programming platform at Audience network with a very intuitive and entertaining “producer’s” perspective from multi-hyphenate Vince Vaughn. I’m not sure I can promise a Vince Vaughn for breakfast every time but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to shine a spotlight on other interesting, growing nets in the coming months and welcome your ideas on who we might want to feature. Let me know what you think.

So in conclusion, in what is normally a fairly quiet period here at HRTS, this year, well not so much. It’s been busy, busy, busy, and all of it is exciting and new. I guess kind of like pilot/upfront season for the rest of y’all! Year round programming has finally caught up to us at HRTS…but that’s okay. As the industry evolves, so do we, continually striving to provide networking, knowledge and career development opportunities and programming for our ever diverse membership.

As always, on behalf of all of us here at HRTS, thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the next event!


Dave Ferrara
Executive Director

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