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Hello fellow HRTS members.  It's been a while!   And with an absence like this I'd normally have a couple of thousand words to entertain you with but this post will be different.  Short...and sweet.  Why?  Because this is the beginning of a new era for this members blog.  Going forward,  we've drafted a number of people much smarter than I to discuss and illuminate issues relevant to the ongoing success of our business. You'll find a recap from our own Chris Davison on the recent State of the Industry:  Non-Scripted panel from May 24th.  Moderator Michael Schneider led Charlie Corwin, Mike Darnell, Trish Kinane, Paul Telegdy and Sean Perry through a high level conversation on the current and future state of  non-scripted television in today's rapidly evolving media landscape.  It was fun, informative and occasionally provocative!  (How can it not be with that group?)  And we've even included the full-length video in case you couldn't be there that day in the room.   And don't miss the in-depth white paper from the folks at comScore on the ever changing face of measurement and ratings.  Again focusing on segments of this really important topic that were covered in depth at our Spotlight Breakfast on April 12th.  And again, we've embedded the full length video for you to view at your convenience.

We've decided that this monthly communication from our organization could and should provide much more content that can be of benefit to you, our members as you navigate the ever changing media landscape.  I hope you find this deeper commitment to context and content valuable.  Let me know.  And also let me know what other topics you might want us to deep dive into at future HRTS breakfasts and luncheons.  Till then, I hope you enjoy this new content endeavor and as always... see you at the next event!

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