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Building A New Measurement Model…

Editor:  On April 12, 2016, HRTS presented an in-depth look into the world of measurement and ratings.  Panelists included Gian Fulgoni, Co-Founder and Chairman of comScore, Inc;  Preston Beckman, media consultant and former network research head at Fox and NBC;  Julie Piepenkotter, EVP of Research at FX Networks and Eric Solomon, SVP, Product Leadership at […]

JHRTS Has Been Busy!

Editor:  JHRTS (the junior membership of HRTS) has had a very busy spring to date.  Below is a brief recap of our junior membership’s activities the past few months!  For more information on JHRTS membership and activities click here. Cupid’s Clock Speed Networking: 2/11/16 On Thursday, February 11th we hosted “Cupid’s Clock Speed Networking” which […]

Next Spotlight Breakfast June 14th: Showime’s THE CIRCUS

With this year’s political season resembling a season of Jersey Shore…and with the mid-season finale..aka the California Primary on June 7th…we felt it would be fun to bring together the team from Showtime’s sublime “fly on the wall” political series THE CIRCUS to share some of their observations and commentary on what has been…as their […]

More Information…More Depth…Just…More!

Hello fellow HRTS members.  It’s been a while!   And with an absence like this I’d normally have a couple of thousand words to entertain you with but this post will be different.  Short…and sweet.  Why?  Because this is the beginning of a new era for this members blog.  Going forward,  we’ve drafted a number of people […]

What is the Hollywood Radio & Television Society?

Since 1947 the HRTS has been the entertainment industry's premier information and networking forum. HRTS events are the only place where leading executives from across the industry gather under one roof, multiple times a year to discuss issues relevant to the ongoing success of our business. HRTS Members and our industry partners represent the best and the brightest in town. Is your company ready to join the ranks of HRTS? There are many ways for individuals and companies to get more involved. To find out how, call (818) 789-1182 or email

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