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JHRTS-LA News & Updates: Feb 2016


You can view pictures from these events and more on the JHRTS SmugMug page!


Ghetto Film School Information Session: 2/9

On Tuesday, February 2nd, about 25 people showed up to the JHRTS hosted information session for Los Angeles’ Ghetto Film School. The information session consisted of a thirty minute presentation followed by a Q&A session. Alvy Johnson the GFS representative and former GFS student alum spoke to their program and it’s mission - to foster students 14-18 years old and their passion for  filmmaking with a specific emphasis on inclusion and transparency. The school’s 30 month program provides their students the knowledge and skills to be successful industry professionals upon graduating. Alvy explained that as a program growing in Los Angeles they’re looking for young industry professional to volunteer their time to guide students and act as mentors in numerous capacities - at table reads, in pre-production and on set. Everyone in attendance showed genuine interests and left with a thorough understanding of Ghetto Film School. JHRTS is excited to have connected with Ghetto Film School to help spread the word about their impressive school and to help connect them to potential mentors who they very much value and need.

JHRTS Project Angel Food 1-31-2016Project Angel Food: 1/31

On Sunday, January 31st, about eleven JHRTS volunteers teamed up with Project Angel Food to help put together meals for individuals in need all over Los Angeles County. Volunteers put on their aprons and diligently spent a few hours working with a professional chef to chop, mix, scoop, and sauté ingredients catered towards special diets. They helped create enough food to feed around 1,500 people for an entire week, all while networking and meeting other members in a fun setting.


JHRTS: Another Year Another MixerAnother Year, Another Mixer: 1/28

JHRTS rang in the new year on Thursday, January 28th at The Parlor on Melrose Ave with Another Year, Another Mixer. Set on the venue's patio among heat lamps and fire pits, LA winter and 2016 networking were kicked-off in style. There was a great turnout, undoubtedly full of both members and non-members keeping true to their New Years networking resolutions, who chatted with friends new and old while clinking their glasses in the new year spirit. The mixer was a sparkling success that sets the tone for the coming year.

JHRTS 2016 Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue Pet AdoptionAce of Hearts Dog Rescue Adoption Event: 1/23

On Saturday, January 23rd, about 30 JHRTS members teamed up with the Los Angeles based non-profit dog rescue organization ACE OF HEARTS at Petco in West Hollywood (ACE founded by Kari Whitman).  They spent hours giving 100% of their attention to sweet dogs looking for homes. On top of spending time with the dogs, walking them, and giving them treats, they also helped put together goodie bags for the dogs’ foster parents for the upcoming week as well as collect donations from patrons. The next Ace of Hearts/JHRTS volunteer event will be in March!


JHRTS: A Pitch Workshop with Chris LawsonPitch Workshop w/ Chris Lawson: 1/19

JHRTS hosted a pitch workshop on Tuesday, January 19th with CAA's Chris Lawson. Chris, the MP Lit Agent and research expert, to a packed audience at CAA's Ray Kurtzman Theater broke down the art of pitching both material and yourself . The event was moderated by JHRTS board member and CAA assistant, Austin Denesuk. Chris also provided tips and even gave a few anecdotes of the best and worst pitches he has heard in his career. At the end of the night, JHRTS members in attendance were given the opportunity to ask Chris more specific questions as well as speak with him one on one to gain additional personal guidance. The workshop was such a success that Chris Lawson also hosted a similar workshop for JHRTS NY on Tuesday, February 9th.


JHRTS: Development 101 with Amy HartwickDevelopment 101 w/ Amy Hartwick: 1/13

On Wednesday, January 13th, JHRTS hosted “Development 101 with Amy Hartwick” at ABC in Burbank. Amy addressed a packed house in the ABC Theater, with an amazing turnout of over 100 members. She gave an illuminating overview of the traditional development process, full of colorful examples from her own career that highlighted the ups and downs of pitch season, development season, pilot season, and pick-ups. Amy’s sense of humor and enthusiasm shone through in her presentation and in the Q&A that followed, where she emphasized that we should embrace – rather than fear – innovation, and encouraged the audience to discover and pursue their professional passion.

JHRTS: A Conversation with Oscar Award Winner Dan JinksA Conversation with Oscar Winner Dan Jinks: 11/18

The Dan Jinks panel was very inspiring. Hearing his story about how he came up in the industry and then bravely decided to take on creating his own company was very impressive. He explained how his for love theater inspires the style behind many of his projects. Unique to Jinks is his diverse passion and accomplishments in film, television and theater.  He gave advice on how to be successful as an up and comer and even shared some of his own personal mistakes throughout his career. An interesting topic that Jinks spoke on is his love for writers and how great content all comes down to a good writer and a good script. It was a great panel that had all JHRTS members leaving as a big fan of Jinks' work if they weren't already before.

JHRTS Next Gen 2015 panelJHRTS & THR The Next Gen Panel Class of 2015: 11/11/15

JHRTS held its annual Next Gen panel in conjunction with The Hollywood Reporter at ICM on November 11th. Consistently one of the largest events attended each year with over 100 members present, panelists included Hrishi Desai (ICM Partners), Brianna Bennett (CBS TV Studios), Jordan Helman (Hulu), James Kearney (UTA), Ryan Ly (CAA), Samata Narra (FOX), Ben Winston (The Late Late Show with James Corden), and David Stone (WME). Moderating the conversation was Lacey Rose, TV Editor at The Hollywood Reporter. Members had the opportunity to hear TV’s top 35 under 35 execs share their career paths, how to approach mentorship, forming personal networks, and navigating promotions. The animated discussion gave attendees insightful advice on how this year’s honorees climbed the ranks with funny anecdotes and career lessons.

JHRTS Insider's Guide to MipcomAn Insider's Guide to Everything MIPCom: 11/4

On November 4th, JHRTS held “An Insider’s Guide to MIPCOM” panel at WME featuring executives from both scripted and non-scripted who had a large presence at this year’s MIPCOM conference. Enrique Guillen (NBC) provided insight  as to how buyers approach MIPCOM and talked about the sale of NBC’s new gameshow format QuizUp. Alon Shrtuzman (Keshet) and Adam Reed (Thinkfactory Media) both provided insight from the sellers side. Moderated by Lorenzo De Maio (WME), the conversation not only covered the trends coming out of this year’s conference but also addressed the current state of the TV landscape. Some of the takeaways from the conversation were: there’s no guaranteed recipe for success, content is ultimately key regardless of what platform it originates on, and technological advancements may soon make the conference irrelevant especially given the high cost to attend. Our members left the panel feeling inspired knowing that there are so many more avenues for content and there’s an opportunity now for content to gain an international following first before being brought back to the States.

JHRTS Project Angel Food 11-1-2015Project Angel Food: 11/1

Early in the morning on Sunday, November 1st, a small group 10 of dedicated JHRTS volunteers showed up to help Project Angel Food put together meals for sick individuals throughout Los Angeles. They spent a few hours in the kitchen, following the chef's instructions and boxing warm meals catered to each individual recipient's dietary restrictions. Members got to know each other better and interact in an intimate setting while helping people who don't have the means to feed themselves.


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