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Welcome Back Everyone…

Dave Ferrara

Dave Ferrara

So did summer seem to fly by a little faster this year? What ever happened to the three month break we enjoyed as kids? Out in June…Back in September? Beach time, vacations, long lazy days to chill and recharge? What’s that you say? We’re not kids anymore? Oh well… At least I still feel like a kid!

Regardless of my shortened summer, as we approach September I still get excited by all that I know is coming down the pipe. The new TV Season is upon us. All the new shows to sample, the return of some of my favorites to the schedule, and of course our industry’s prom, the Emmys… September also brings a new HRTS Season, kicking off with our annual State of the Industry Luncheon panel on September 16th. This “forty thousand foot” discussion of the current and future state of our business is an important “weather-vane" as we launch into a new season. We gather some of our industry’s leading voices to weigh in with their views on our ever changing business. I hope to see you all at the Beverly Hilton on September 16th.

Following September’s SOTI luncheon, we’re very excited to kick off our brand new Spotlight Breakfast Series with an event focused on the world of International formats. This up-close and intimate discussion with some of the top execs in this space is designed to be an immersive dialogue allowing our membership to better see and understand the opportunities that exist in the rapidly emerging segment of our business. Target date is October 22, details will be announced shortly.

This is also a good time to welcome our newest Corporate member, Ace Metrix to the growing ranks of companies that support HRTS at the Corporate level. As our industry evolves, so does our membership roster of new and innovative companies that are important to our business. To better understand their place in the business, I encourage you to read Ace Metrix’s CEO, Peter Daboll’s column further down in today’s edition.

Our intrepid reporter, Chris Davison also got an up-close look at the San Diego Comic Con. More and more this lively convention is becoming a center piece in the Hollywood landscape. This year it was a launching pad for the upcoming show, Outcast. And of course, no discussion about television is complete without a Sharknado... the next installment of which, Sharknado 3 will be coming soon to Syfy.

And of course, as always I want to thank ALL of our wonderful HRTS Members and Member companies for their ongoing support of our organization and its 65 year mission… to provide our industry’s premier information and networking forum.

Now… I believe we still have a week or two left to squeeze in some summer fun before it gets REALLY crazy, so before my phone rings again I’m off to the beach to grab some sun!

See you at the next luncheon!

Dave Ferrara
Executive Director

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