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I LOVE this time of year…

Dave Ferrara

Dave Ferrara

Ahhh…December in Los Angeles. I really do love this time of year. Although the traditional television season is perceived as September through May… December still feels like something’s coming to an end and something new and exciting is on the horizon. Of course some of that might be the fact that our industry basically shuts down over the holidays but even still, I love looking at January as a fresh start, or more factually a re-start of the many activities and initiatives we as an organization take on every year.

Many years ago, a person much older and wiser than I explained to me the importance of change. He likened it to flight. I was young and the thought of airplanes grabbed my attention. As he explained, to get an airplane up into the air you had to change its environment by adding power. More power allowed your plane to lift off. Once at altitude, the plane couldn’t just stay there, you had to still add some power to keep it aloft. Reduce the power, and your plane began to descend and cut power and eventually you’d drop from the sky. I can’t lie…I was young so that last thought really stuck with me for a while! So how does that relate to HRTS?

Our organization was founded way back in 1947 and as you might guess, it looked quite a bit different than it does today. In what could have been a scene out of Mad Men the early HRTS luncheons featured the then leaders of our industry coming together and discussing the important issues of the day, scotch in one hand, and cigarette in the other. Today, maybe the scotch and cigarettes are gone, but this organization still thrives because we bring together industry leaders to discuss and debate issues important to all of our shared business endeavors. Which brings me to the point.

HRTS’ charter to provide a forum to discuss and debate important issues means we are constantly striving to identify relevant and valuable topics for our membership to address. To keep feeding power to the plane’s engine as it were… And while our flagship Newsmaker Luncheon Series does an amazing job looking at the big picture, feedback from our ever-more-diverse membership has indicated a desire and need for us to present smaller, more focused events that really drill down on other, less broad, but no less important aspects of our industry.

In February we’re excited to expand our HRTS offerings with the launch of the HRTS Spotlight Breakfast series. These smaller, more focused morning gatherings will take a closer look at new or evolving segments of our business starting with an up-close conversation on the Hispanic Television market. Other breakfast sessions will feature the children’s and family TV business, formats and international co-productions, animation and much more. The spotlight breakfasts will be your opportunity to learn from and ask questions of some of the leading voices in these industry segments, over coffee and croissants, with the added bonus of getting another opportunity to network with your industry peers in a relaxed and collegial environment.

These Spotlight Breakfast series events will be in addition to our regular schedule of Newsmaker Luncheons, junior membership activities, mentorship program and many other HRTS initiatives. So visit HRTS.ORG and keep an eye on your emails for specific dates and details of these upcoming events.

So yes, by change I mean MORE STUFF from HRTS! Our industry has grown and evolved so much since 1947 I believe the best way to keep us soaring high is to make sure we keep adding power to the engines. As the holiday season is upon us, thank you to all of our wonderful HRTS members, member companies, sponsors, volunteers and other supporters for keeping this organization important and relevant to our industry. And on behalf of all of us here at HRTS... please accept our happiest holiday wishes to you and yours! (Oh…and please pass the scotch!)

Dave Ferrara
Executive Director

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