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JHRTS LA March Highlights

On Thursday, March 27th, JHRTS Los Angeles hosted an XBOX Entertainment Studios (XES) panel at United Talent Agency. This marked the first time ever that JHRTS and XES teamed up for an event. The panel drew an attendee list of over 170+ JHRTS members and guests eager to gain a better understanding of what XBOX has in store for the ever-changing television landscape. XES was represented by executives Albert Page, Vice President of Limited Series; Josh Feldman, Vice President of Series Development; Adam Stern, Creative Executive, Series Development; and Max Taylor, Creative Executive, Limited Series. Jason Ungerman, who recently held the position of Senior Product Manager at CBS, and a seasoned veteran of digital entertainment media, moderated the panel. The panelists took part in an hour-long Q&A session where they discussed topics ranging from development criteria and the risks involved, to future initiatives and potential network strategies. Each panelist had their own unique perspective on where they saw XES headed, but all were in agreement that the future of interactive content, and digital media as a whole, will soon change everything we ever knew about our industry.



Photo from the Greg Daniels event

A Conversation with Greg Daniels

On March 12th, 2014, JHRTS Los Angeles hosted "A Conversation with Greg Daniels" moderated by Niki Schwartz-Wright (Writer of "The Goldbergs"). Wright kicked off the night by asking Greg questions about the early moments in his career, specifically the early shows he worked on and how he became the person he is today. Throughout the night, Greg shared his unique perspective on state of the industry as well as his views on some of the most popular shows on syndication television as well as where the industry is headed in the near future. As Greg and Niki went back and forth during the night, the audience became intrigued by Greg's stories from NBC's "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation". Those in the audience who intention to become showrunners in the industry one day definitely got perspective from the evening, making this a incredibly educational session for all those in attendance.



Approximately 80 JHRTS members attended an exclusive Q&A with Bill Cosby. Dr. C began the evening telling a few stories about his youth and rise to fame. He discussed his first encounter with agents and warned us not to be in the business of "burning" another just to make a deal or exert power. He advised us to always be moving forward in our careers, one step after another. He warned us not to be concerned with our age or status and to be good to people.  The evening was hilarious and heart-warming and the youth of our industry walked away knowing they saw and heard something special.


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