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Dave Ferrara

Dave Ferrara

Late winter in Southern California feels a little different this year.  Of course, its 85 degrees outside so that might have something to do with it but beyond the weather there is just a different feel to 2014.  Yes, some things are reassuringly the same… Pilot season is in full swing.  Shows are being picked up.  Casts are being assembled (or in most cases fought over!)   Our HRTS spring season is underway (and if you missed the excellent Programmer’s Summit last week it’s available on demand for members on our website video library).  Our little TV business is humming along with a renewed energy.  Even the President of the United States will be in California this weekend spending at least some of his time (according to Twitter reports) binging on HBO’s True Detective and Netflix’s House of Cards!

What does all this mean?  If history is any guide… I can honestly say “who knows?” We’ve grown accustomed to change as the “new normal.”  And I like it that way.  For a while there it felt like things were getting a little boring so all the energy in the air is refreshing.  And that also goes for HRTS.

Wednesday evening we launched the latest cycle of our popular Mentoring Program with a poolside party at the Beverly Hilton.  It was a great turnout and a lot of fun to see mentors and mentees getting to know one another.  I truly want to thank all of the generous mentor participants for offering up their time to help grow the next generation on industry leaders.

And what else is HRTS up to?  We’re working on some exciting events for the coming months that we’ll be announcing shortly.  Our Corporate Membership roster continues to expand with the addition of WGN America, Televisa, Hulu and more.  What started with twenty two companies a few short years ago now has grown to fifty five companies that support HRTS at the Corporate level.  And we’re talking to several other organizations in preparation for some new, additional networking and informational events for our membership beyond out trademark Newsmaker Luncheons.

So all in all, it’s a great time in our business, and at HRTS.  The weather’s great.  The offers are flying.  And we could be frozen in Atlanta!  I want to wish all of our members a very happy and successful pilot season and I look forward to seeing you all at our next event.

Till then Mr. President, if you’re reading this… I’m not current on my True Detective so NO SPOILERS!


Dave Ferrara

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