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It’s Busy Season at HRTS

Dave Ferrara

Dave Ferrara

Okay. I admit I’ve been MIA from the last couple of HRTS blogs but I have an excuse. I’ve been really, really busy! Or I should say, HRTS has been really busy and with all the activity I chose to hold off until I had something important to say. At least in my mind it seems important so here we go.

This spring is by far the busiest I and my staff have encountered in my years here at HRTS. Coming off our December Newsmaker digital panel and immediately presenting the amazing “Conversation with Bob Iger” in January, we immediately jumped into production on our next couple of events. A special Hitmakers panel featuring creators and executive producers of both scripted and unscripted hit shows, which will kick off on March 27th at the Beverly Hilton, and shortly thereafter a special “Comedy on TV” event featuring a conversation with one of my idols, Lorne Michaels set for April 16th.

Both of these events are on sale as we speak at, so I encourage you to get your tickets early to ensure a seat in the room.

In and around that we also launched the third annual cycle of our ever-expanding HRTS/JHRTS mentorship program, which this year paired up 65 mentor groups for the term. This program is rapidly becoming an important part of the career development charter of our junior organization and has doubled in size each of the last three years! The committee received and reviewed over 200 mentee applications this year. Many of us at one time or another have benefitted from a mentor so I want to thank all the HRTS mentors who have committed time to this important program and want to encourage even more HRTS members to consider participating as a mentor next year.

I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge all of our newest Corporate members who have come aboard in supporting our organization. Cineflix Studios, Shine America, Machinima Inc., and Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin Law Corporation, thank you to all for supporting HRTS at the Corporate level. Since the HRTS charter is to endeavor to reflect the ever growing and changing face of our industry, it pleases me to see so many leading companies joining to support all that we do.

Yes, it’s busy at HRTS but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This organization exists solely for the benefit of our members and member companies. We’re here specifically to provide the industry’s premier information and networking forum; a place where information can be shared and relationships, both business and personal, can be developed and nurtured right there in the room.

It is an honor to get to do what we do for such an amazing industry. Truth is, we all love TV... in whatever shape in comes it these days, so everything we do is to help you, our membership be successful towards that end. Our members tell us that the number one reason to join HRTS is for the opportunity to be “in the room” with everyone who makes this business go. Do you know someone, or some company that should be in the room as well? Tell them to give me a call. I’m happy to help!

See you at the next luncheon!

Dave Ferrara
Executive Director

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