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HRTS Member Profile: Lisa Gregorian

Lisa Gregorian

Lisa Gregorian

Lisa Gregorian is Chief Marketing Officer for the Warner Bros. Television Group. Last year I interviewed Lisa (read it here) and we talked about Comic Con, how there’s simply no other experience like it. Earlier this month I met up with Lisa down in San Diego:

Q: Last year you mentioned the amazing fandom that exists at Comic Con, what’s it like to be here now?
-The beauty of Comic Con is that it really is a fan-centric event. Our philosophy is to always put the fan first - we’re fans, not just of the shows that we produce ourselves but shows on television in general.

By thinking like a fan we put together things that we think fans are going to love. For example, today at the panel for THE BIG BANG THEORY we gave away a trip to space to one of the fans and it was the most incredible experience. The woman got on stage and said “I’m just a stay-at-home mom, I’m just a housewife, nothing like this has ever happened to me, I just watch your show with my husband, we love the show and I can’t believe this” and we said to her “that’s the most important job in the world and you’re a fan of our show and now you’re going to space”. It was one of those moments where the perspective is ‘those are our fans, those are the people watching our shows, those are the people that we are spending all this time and all this energy trying to please’ and it’s an amazing feeling.

It’s an amazing feeling to come to Comic Con and really see the enthusiasm, the love and the passion that fans have for our shows. We’re not producing the shows for ourselves, we’re producing them for others.

Q: What works in terms of studio/network presence at Comic Con?
-What’s worked for us is being fan-centric. We have a motto, which is ‘Fan, Free and Fun’. If it’s all three things, if it’s targeted towards the fans and it’s free, we’re not charging, and it’s fun then it’s our way of saying ‘thank you for always tuning in and always watching our shows’. If you can hit all three notes then you’ve delivered a great Comic Con experience.

Lisa Gregorian was previously profiled in 2011. Read the full profile here.

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