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JHRTS LA Recap: Unscripted TV Panel

The JHRTS Unscripted TV Panel

On February 21, 2012 JHRTS hosted a lively and informative unscripted television panel. Panelists included Paul Buccieri (Managing Director, ITV Studios International and President and CEO, ITV Studios America), Eli Holzman (President, Studio Lambert America), Greg Lipstone (SVP and Head of International Television and Media, ICM), Eric Schotz (President and CEO, LMNO Productions), and Philip D. Segal (President and Executive Producer, Original Productions). The event was moderated by Stuart Levine (Assistant Managing Editor, Features, Variety) and was attended by approximately 70 JHRTS members.

Panelists for the JHRTS Unscripted TV eventThe panelists discussed topics such as the unscripted creative process, the difficulties in pitching projects to networks, and the effects of the end of the Financial Interest And Syndication Rules (“fin-syn”) in 1993 and the signing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 on the television landscape, particularly in the scripted world. Questions surrounding international formats were addressed, as well as international media companies and their continued desire to conquer the American market. The digital revolution represents a challenge to this area of the industry, they acknowledged, but the main issues for the content creators would still be ownership and distribution.

The evening was one of serious debate as well as light-hearted laughs with insightful questions from the audience, culminating in a successful panel enjoyed by all.

Steve Cousineau
JHRTS Co-President

Photos by Chyna Photography

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