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HRTS Member Profile: Paul Buccieri

Paul Buccieri

Paul Buccieri

Paul Buccieri is President & CEO of ITV Studios America. I recently had a chance to interview Paul to discuss hits, overseas territories and Texaco Star Theatre. 

Q: Can you tell us about your background and what made you want to work in entertainment? How did you get involved with the HRTS?
-I’ve always had a love for movies and television.  It’s a real passion of mine and I really enjoy the creative process.  Entertainment is always new and exciting, you’re only limited by your imagination. 

My first experience with the HRTS was when I was a runner on a series.  I was amazed that there was actually a forum where creative executives talked about the industry, their vision and their passion for shows.  As I’ve progressed and grown within the industry, so has the HRTS and I find it is a very valuable organization on multiple levels.  It provides great insights and perspectives on the industry and I’m proud to be a member.

Q: You’ve worked as both a buyer and a seller, how are they similar/different?
-both sides have advantages and disadvantages and they both have their own sets of pressures.  However, at the core of both, it’s all about finding and creating exciting hit television shows.

Q: What are some of the factors that make for a hit?
-the simple fact is there are a multitude of factors that make a hit, not just the core concept but also the marketing, the talent, how well the network is performing at the time.  There are far too many factors to list.

Q: How do you translate an existing series or format from one country to another?
-the beauty of being in a company like ITV Studios is that you essentially have a blueprint of success when you have a proven format from overseas.  The other territories have done the majority of research and development and laid the foundation creatively for these shows, along with ratings history, a production bible and other materials.  Clearly networks have benefited from the multitudes of shows from other countries.

Q: What are your thoughts on product integration?
-product integration is not a new phenomenon, it has been around since the inception of TV with shows like Texaco Star Theatre, and it will continue to be a viable part of the business.  The best use of it is when it is done in an organic, authentic way.

Q: Where do you want to be in five years’ time?
-my hope in five years’ time is to be still doing what I love – producing, creating and developing content.

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