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Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Network Chiefs 2011 – Luncheon Recap

24/7/365. We live and work in an always-on world where information is currency and spending is rapidly on the rise. How do you develop and program in an Anywhere, Anytime world? What must we do in order to survive and thrive? On October 11, 2011, a packed house gathered inside the Beverly Hilton for an […]

JHRTS News & Updates: October 2011

It’s been a busy couple of months for JHRTS filled with panels, social events and even a bit of philanthropy. On September 27th, we gathered some of our prominent JHRTS alumni back for a panel discussion at the Ray Kurtzman theater at CAA. Members had a great time as our guests dished out inspiring advice […]

JHRTS Recap: International Television Panel

The international scripted TV panel was a great success and brought to light a niche in the industry to which most assistants are not exposed. The timing of the premier of THE WALKING DEAD and its ratings success made for a great opening into a discussion of how shows travel, how they are made over […]

JHRTS NY News & Updates: October 2011

It’s been a busy summer for JHRTS in New York. We’ve joined forces with the New York Television Festival, held our first annual summer party, and heard from some really successful and powerful television executives and producers. And, after just one year on the New York scene, we’re proud to have passed the 135 members […]

What is the Hollywood Radio & Television Society?

Since 1947 the HRTS has been the entertainment industry's premier information and networking forum. HRTS events are the only place where leading executives from across the industry gather under one roof, multiple times a year to discuss issues relevant to the ongoing success of our business. HRTS Members and our industry partners represent the best and the brightest in town. Is your company ready to join the ranks of HRTS? There are many ways for individuals and companies to get more involved. To find out how, call (818) 789-1182 or email

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