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JHRTS News & Updates: April 2011

JHRTS Reality Power Players panel

JHRTS Reality Power Players panel

April again saw JHRTS with a successful slate of events. Our “Reality Power Players Panel” became our first event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where President Obama happened to be staying, though fortunately there were no traffic issues for most. Moderated by Kevin Pollack and featuring Thom Beers, Jeff Apploff, Heather Olander, and Josh Pyatt, the event was punctuated by a spirited exchange between Beers and Appleoff on cable. The event was organized by Missy Machala, Ryan McNeily, and Adam Sussman.

Our April philanthropy supported Reading for Kids. Organized by Missy, over twenty JHRTS members read to kids on a Saturday morning. All involved said it was an incredible experience and the organization thanked our group for our participation.

On the other side of the country, JHRTS-NY continues to hold quality events in the LA tradition. The group had “A Conversation with Bob Tuschman & Michael Smith”. The discussion with the general managers of The Food Network and The Cooking Channel, respectively, was moderated by Sunny Anderson.

JHRTS is putting together a panel for May 31 at CAA featuring top writer-producers entitled “Creating TV”. On May 26th there will be a roundtable with Gary Randall. And don't miss our mixer at the Wellesbourne on May 25th. Also in the works is a panel featuring JHRTS alumni who have gone on to succeed in the business.

The upcoming JHRTS-NY event is “A Conversation with Planet Green” featuring Laura Michalchyshyn, Josh-Kilmar-Purcell, and Dr. Brent Ridge on May 24 at WME NY.

Photos by Chyna Photography

Thom Beers, Kevin Pollak, Josh Pyatt, Heather Olander, Jeff Apploff at the JHRTS Reality Power Players panel

Thom Beers, Kevin Pollak, Josh Pyatt, Heather Olander, and Jeff Apploff at the JHRTS Reality Power Players panel

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