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JHRTS Recap: A Conversation with Bob DeBitetto

Written by: Graham Jaenicke, WME Literary Coordinator

On Thursday, March 24th, Mr. Bob DeBitetto a veteran of the entertainment industry who serves as President/General Manager of the A&E Television Network and the BIO Channel, was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to come and speak with a gaggle of JHRTS members at the WME-NY screening room. WME partner and TV agent Jason Hodes guided the extensive discussion with aplomb as Mr. DeBitetto touched upon everything from: his history, the changing landscape of television, nuggets of wisdom for new entrants into the business, and the responsibilities of being the head of a major cable network.

The New York JHRTS were given insight into what Mr. DeBitetto enjoys most about his job such as finding the next ‘it’ show and working with amazing colleagues. He also discussed the breakdown of the various divisions he oversees (A&E, A&E Films, BIO Channel). When asked by one JHRTS member, “Why take on the risk of going to a struggling network?,” he responded that when he debated taking the position, his mentors advised him, “You can’t fall off the floor.” Obviously, Mr. DeBitetto never even stumbled in his role, as now, 7 years later, he succeeds at continually growing the A&E brand. It’s easy to see from his perspicacity why what he’s accomplished is no fluke; Mr. DeBitetto embodies the advice that he imparted to those in attendance: work hard; be creative; have an opinion; be decisive; and know what you love.

Bob DeBitetto at the JHRTS event; A Conversation with Bob DeBitetto

WME  Theatre at JHRTS event; A Conversation with Bob DeBitetto

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