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JHRTS Directors Panel

JHRTS Directors panelOn Thursday, September 16th, JHRTS members and guests gathered at CAA's Ray Kurtzman Theater to listen to five television directing luminaries discuss their business and craft. Jack Bender, David Nutter, Bill D'Elia, Jamie Widdoes and Joe Russo spoke about their personal and professional experiences on set and behind the scenes.

Jack Bender talked about how a high counter-offer from his agents lost him the house directing job for a series that wasn't LOST, which later gave him the opportunity to join LOST.

Bill D'Elia explained his directing philosophy as waking up every morning hoping to say nothing but "Action" and "Cut" - but that during the day if no one else mentions something that needs fixing, then he has to do it.

Joe Russo revealed the inspiration for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's barebones directing style was Lars Von Trier's Dogma film BREAKING THE WAVES. David Nutter explained how different the jobs of producing and directing can be which showed why he's a master of pilots who doesn't get enslaved to series.

Jamie Widdoes talked about how he alternately thinks of himself as carrying the torch or of turning out the lights for the multi-cam comedy because of the form's uniqueness.

Moderator David Stone kept the conversation lively with creative questions, providing the directors with opportunities to agree and discuss amongst themselves some of the finer points of their field. With most of the crowd working at studios, networks or agencies, all came away with a better appreciation for the often maligned job of directing for television.

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