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The very successful HRTS/JHRTS mentorship program is back for 2010!  The HRTS/JHRTS Professional Mentor Program provides the perfect opportunity for industry leaders to share their expertise and experience with the "next generation" of media industry executives.

"I've been very fortunate to have had my career guided and shaped by the incredible mentors who took the time to offer me good counsel and direction along the way, and I know most of my peers have had the same experience.  The idea of using the network of HRTS professionals to reach out to those coming up behind us, and offer them whatever insight we might have to offer, strikes me as the best way to honor those who gave us that same help."

-Michael Wright
2009 Mentor program co-chair
EVP and Head of Programming, TNT, TBS and TCM

Mentors will help JHRTS mentees:

* Develop a clearer picture of what it takes to build a career in a specific area of the television industry
* Find direction on how to be an effective assistant/coordinator with an eye towards advancement
* Formulate ideas of places to reach out to and make new connections
* Build a mature understanding of the dynamics within business relationships
* Brainstorm ideas on where to focus one's energy
* Answer general questions about the participants area of interest
* Have a neutral person to go to for specific job related issues 

If you are an HRTS Member interested in providing career guidance and insight to the next generation of industry leaders please download and fill out the Mentor application from the link below and return it via email or fax to (818) 789-1210.  Once your application has been reviewed you will be contacted directly to discuss specifics of the program and coordinate your pairing with a suitable JHRTS mentee.

Download Mentor Application

It is my sincere hope that all HRTS Members will choose to participate in this new program as I know that most of us had the privilege of working with a mentor in some form during our careers.  Help shape the next generation of industry leaders.  Be an HRTS Mentor. 

Dave Ferrara
HRTS Executive Director

Program details:

* All JHRTS mentee applicants will go through a detailed screening process to determine the best candidates, as well as facilitate pairing with the most suitable HRTS Mentor.  Selected Mentees will be paired with Mentors based on their career goals, namely, they will be paired with someone who holds a position that they are most interested in, as available from within our mentor pool.  (Yes, Mentors will have input on pairing selections)

* Mentees and Mentors are to meet in person a minimum of four times within a six month period with potentially additional contact via phone and/or email as determined by mentee/mentor partners.

* The formal program period will last six months.  Mentees and Mentors can then apply to be re-assigned to another person after their term has completed.

* Upon completion of the six month term, completion forms comprised of three questions for both mentees and mentors will be used to generate qualitative data to measure the program's success and make adjustments for future cycles.

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