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As HRTS members begin setting pitches and restart development for a new year, JHRTS recently renewed itself as well with our annual leadership elections. Building off the successes of last year, the new board and co-Presidents aim to continue the growth and development of our organization and programming. With the returning experience of second year board members and the new energy of the first years, the ability for JHRTS to be a training ground for future members of our senior organization has never been greater.Sam MillerThis past month, the organization selected new board members with the help of Missy Machala and Audrey Gordon. With fresh ideas and passion for the group, we're excited to renew our commitment to provide Young Hollywood with entertaining and educational events.
In June we had our most highly attended roundtable in the group's history.Organized by C.C. Hirsh, over fifty assistants listened to Jeff Jacobs, Steve Smooke, Barry Kotler, Greg Cavic & Michael Katcher discuss everything from cable comedies to casting celebrities. The open and friendly dialogue featured lively exchanges in what was a premiere event for our membership. Last year's mantra of scheduling as many round tables as possible yielded many fruitful conversations on both ends of the table and we look forward to scheduling more next year.
Additionally, last month's panel arranged by Zach Calig featured New Media with speakers Jesse Albert, Mark Ganntt, Amber Lawson, George Ruiz and Larry Tanz. Online content is a constantly changing dialogue which the next generation of executives has a keen interest in tracking. In fact, the day after the panel over a dozen people applied for group membership. JHRTS looks to the future of television with events focused on talent and media working outside the television box.
This month we will partner with the Independent Television Festival for a panel asking the question "Why Make Your Own TV Show?" coordinated by Becky Curran and Carmen Wong. Additionally, Becky and Adam Sussman will showcase a night of stand-up comedy benefitting Rx Laughter at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, featuring up-and-coming comedians performing for a charity suggested to our board members by an executive during a round table earlier this year. 

I didn't even get to the June philanthropy event with SOVA put together by Missy or the June mixer TV Trivia Night at the Hudson presented by Katie Gruel, but suffice to say that even during the sleepy summer season we're hustling around Hollywood. While celebrating the last month and anticipating the upcoming one, we do the same for the past and future year. As excited as we are for next month, we're even more excited for next year.

JHRTS Benefit for Rx Laughter

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